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More than 147 language pairs !

International Communication Unit is a Translation service  provider of professional translation solutions in more than 147 languages. With sharp expertise in Greek, Portuguese, Italian ,Arabic, Spanish, and other rare languages, we help businesses and individuals unlock language barriers and reach global audiences.


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We Serve Many Industries

ICU Translation Services specializes in Translation Service, Business, Legal, Medical, Document, and Professional translation across various industries.
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Your trusted partner for professional targeted translation solutions. Polishing Your Content for Global Success.
ICU translates Instructions manuals, websites, borchures and more. All done with culturally sensitive choices.
ICU provides professional legal translation services for official court documents.
ICU offers specialized Medical Translation services for accurate and precise healthcare communication.
ICU offers professional Document Translation services across multiple industries, ensuring accurate and reliable translations for your business needs.
ICU provides professional translation services of rare languages and dialects with cultural sensitivity.
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Need a Certified Translator?

Your Trusted Source for Certified Translators. We understand the importance of precision and authenticity in your translations, which is why we offer a team of highly qualified and certified translators. With expertise in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and English, our translators are skilled in accurately conveying your message across languages, ensuring your documents retain their integrity.

Our commitment to quality, professionalism, and attention to detail sets us apart. Trust ICU Translation Services for all your certified translation needs, and experience the confidence that comes with accurate and certified translations. Unlock a world of possibilities with ICU Translation Services today.

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